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Page-Turning Tales of Epic I.T. Success

Embark on an epic journey alongside brave IT professionals from various industries, as they harness the power of Eaton solutions to overcome their arch-nemesis, Dr. Downtime, and propel their organizations to unprecedented achievements. Witness their heroic feats and see how Eaton empowers them to reach new heights.

  • Enterprise
    Throughout the galaxy’s trading center, UPS batteries are failing. Is it a case of faulty batteries? Or sabotage by Dr. Downtime? The IT team swings into action to investigate.
  • SMB
    When critical communications systems are threatened, a lone IT pro is all that stands between Dr. Downtime’s minions and a small but vital moon colony.
  • Data Centers
    In a top secret lab on a frozen planet, the data center is heating up. Can the operations manager stop Dr. Downtime’s heat ray before it’s too late?
  • Education
    When the Space Academy is shadowed by Dr. Downtime’s Eclipsinator, the IT manager is ready with an arsenal of backup power and modular control systems.
  • Healthcare
    A medical space vessel is Dr. Downtime’s next target! Does the IT team have what it takes to defeat power spikes and hidden pathogens?
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Is your IT crew ready for The Next Frontier?

Learn which IT skills are on the rise to prep your team for the future of IT.

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Play IT: The Next Frontier

Can you assemble the LITEspeed drive, restore power to the ship and get back to Earth?

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